Cloud Worlds & Citizens

Eco Worlds grow best when they're running 24/7

Your World, Your Rules

With Cloud Worlds, you can have your own living planet. With each Citizen account you add to your society, a friend can play on your world for free, even if they don’t own Eco.

Cloud World

Every Eco world runs online in the cloud 24/7, simulating a vast landscape full of plants and animals, living out their lives in a sophisticated ecosystem and climate simulation. Choose between a private planet or a public society. Set your difficulty preference, meteor impact time and more. Supports 30 players online at the same time with unlimited player slots. Share your world saves with friends. Mods not supported yet.

Citizen Accounts

A great civilization needs smart citizens to plan, build and vote. With Cloud World's you can purchase special citizens accounts for your friends. Citizens only live on your world, so they come at a discounted price. Keep in mind, normal Eco players can still join your worlds as well. Citizens are not required to own a cloud world.

Save Your Planet Today

Can you and your friends stop the potential meteor disaster? Together you must cultivate a civilization and technology to save the day. With worlds at $15/month and citizens at $10/month, you receive your living planet immediately after subscribing.
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