Eco For Classrooms

Connect your students with classrooms all over the world, where they must solve global-challenges together, inside a scientific ecosystem simulation.

Our Vision

We believe that video games hold incredible power for inspiring students to become lifelong learners, and collaborators. Our game Eco aims to provide that to groups of students, pushing the boundaries of educational experiences.

A Simulated World

Every Eco world runs online in the cloud 24/7, simulating a vast landscape full of plants and animals, living out their lives in a sophisticated ecosystem and climate simulation. Together, your students must make a home in this world, taking natural resources from an environment affected by everything they do.

Students Save The World

Students will need to develop technology to shoot an incoming meteor off course. However, with all the resources coming from the natural environment, students can destroy the ecosystem before the meteor event hits. The world is theirs to save or lose in Eco, thus providing a strong social relevance to their studies, an answer to ‘why do I need to learn this’ in a world they come to care about.

STEM Skills For Society

We’ve created Eco as a multiplayer, online world where students must solve global challenges or risk virtual destruction. In order to build a thriving society and prevent catastrophe, they’ll need to obtain and apply STEM skills, using their understanding of science, statistics, civics, economics, ecology and more. They’ll collaborate to build governments (electing leaders, passing laws, levying taxes) and develop economies (harvesting, processing, trading, and transporting natural resources).

Next Generation of Learners

Our future needs inspired, life-long learners, capable of navigating complex societal issues, that require a deep understanding of scientific principles, all while achieving action within an environment of conflicting opinions. Eco asks that of students today, placing them in a simulation where the knowledge they’re learning and their ability to come to agreements with their peers has world-saving importance.


The Mayor on our server created a law and organized players to make a last ditch effort to save our planet. We spent hours planting every seed we had collected over the past week and within a couple days, our planet was back to a living, breathing eco system. The animals came back, the ground turned green again and we learned from our mistakes. This game brings people together and teaches you a valuable lesson about life.

Myndphuck - 85 hours

My Dream Game and the best gaming experience I have had in years.  Kudos to the devs for creating a product that even in beta is ridiculously fun.

Sir Spooki - 306 hours

The only game that truly does cooperative properly” –Army Mom Strong, 995 hours

Army Mom Strong - 995 hours

This is by far the best ‘community’ type of game I have ever played.

Steam user - 1598 hours

7600 hours in and I’m still playing

Elmeye - 7600 hours

Save Your Planet Today

Can your classroom stop the potential meteor disaster? Together you must cultivate a civilization and technology to save the day. With worlds at $15/month and citizens at $10/month, you receive your living planet immediately after subscribing.
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