Eco 7.8 is Out! Sleeping, Ladders, Filters, Sleeping, Chat Commands, and more.

Eco 7.8 is out, check out ladders, sleeping, and a host of other improvements.

We have added sleep to the game! You can now sleep in beds to cause time to pass and speed up skill gain, crafting, and crop growth. This is primarily for use in private servers and servers that are not on 24/7, it is disabled by default on public ones.

Nap Time


This is intended to assist people playing solo or in small groups and people not playing on dedicated servers. To activate sleep either everyone needs to go to a bed and activate sleep or someone with administrator privileges can use a developer chat command.


Also in 7.8 we have added ladders. Ladders can be made taking one of a variety of materials including hewn wood and placing it using a hammer. They take up a single block of space and can be placed freestanding, they are ideal for getting up tall buildings or deep mine shafts where stairs and ramps are impractical.

Ladders also make good scaffolding for construction projects. Early game they can be recycled into more building projects once they no longer needed. Once your have progressed and are using higher tiers of building material you can recycle old buildings into lots of ladders for your bigger projects.

Item Filters

You can now filter by item name, type, and tier in the economy viewer.

This can save a lot of time when doing tasks like setting up shops or when just taking a look at what is out there.


Added new “Demographics” feature.  A Demographic represents a group of players.  They’re defined in laws, using law conditions.  Once defined, you can reference Demographics in multiple laws, as well as authorize Demographics on deeds and objects. This lets you create a complex set of rules to define a group and then easily use that in other place.

New and Improved Chat Commands

  • Added chat command history.  Press the up and down arrow keys while typing in chat to cycle through your recently entered commands.
  • /give now accepts item display names. You can type the name of the item exactly as it appears in game now.
  • /time – shows the current time since server start. A user command.
  • /deletecontract – Deletes contacts by id.
  • /fasforward – Toggles the fast forward effect from sleep on and off.
  • /spawnbed – Spawns a bed in a house and puts you to sleep.
  • /spawncrafting – Creates a craft setup where output from one thing is input to another.
  • /claimrect – Claims plots in a given rect centered on the user.
  • /levelup – Learns and levels up a skill and all its prerequisites.
  • /unclaimabandoned – Removes all the claims from players who have not logged in for X hours or more.

Assorted Improvements

  • Avatars now play animations when their clothes/hair change.
  • Updated Meteor into! Now runs on a timer, or clicks.
  • Added profanity checks to sign and license plate text.
  • Show login UI after starting animation completed.
  • Prevent players from from making a currency that already exists.
  • Don’t show exchange rates with NaN values.
  • Map icons are now GPU accelerated! (drastically improves map performance in worlds with a lot of objects).
  • The tractor module, sower and harvester can be enable/disable using alpha1 key.
  • With contracts, in the “transport” clause and “put item in container” clause you are able to target fuel container like blast furnace and brazier.
  • Tweaked player acceleration so it’s easier to make small movements while building.
  • Max reputation you can give a person is now 30 (3 days worth).
  • You can now sit upon various world objects.
  • Added an option for doing one-time taxes and allocations on law passed.
  • Set the treasury at the top inside the currency report.
  • User handles enable admins to refer to users by a numeric handle instead of username.
  • adds Ukrainian Language Option.
  • Tooltips now close when you start dragging items.
  • Change the match rating on the server listing UI to be a match score, not a percentage.
  • Add new animations for server category banners on the recommended new game server UI.
  • Update new game server browser headings to include particle effects.
  • Contractors can now mark a contract as failed if the time limit on the contract is reached.
  • When loading from a backup, servers will now try to load from a different backup if the most recent one is corrupt.
  • If an object has no owner, display the name of its creator in the user interface instead.
  • Add tiers to certain world objects, such as doors, to count towards a building’s overall tier rating.
  • Guard against overwriting .eco save file if it would end up corrupted.
  • Greatly improves server start-up speed for servers with big Power Grids.
  • Added additional foraging triggers.
  • Changed selected item text from “Amount” to “Selected”.
  • Mods can now define new components and UI for them!  Values can be set to be editable/visible by owners or guests, and supports a few different types of values: numbers, ranges, and buttons.
  • Implemented language/region lock. By default you will now only see servers that match your configured language. This feature can be opted-out of in the escape menu settings. This feature does not affect LAN, Favorites, or Recently Played listings. The Server and Client now detect system language on first start-up. If launched through steam, Eco will take the language set in your steam preferences.


We have done lost of fixes both small and large. For a list the full list head over to our change log.