Eco Alpha 6.1 Released: Introducing Player Housing

We released Eco Alpha 6.1 today, with over 375 bug fixes since the last release, and the introduction of Player Housing.

Here’s what’s new in the latest release:

Player Housing

New to 6.1 is Player Housing, which will be the second way (next to food) to earn skill points. The better furnished your house is with the more variety of rooms, the faster you’ll gain skill points.

Adding furniture of matching categories to a room (ie bathroom, living room, bedroom) will provide a room bonus to the property owner, and having multiple rooms of various types will apply a ‘balanced house multiplier’.


The goal of this feature is to put more individual incentive into the game, increasing the quality and size of your house in order to increase your skills.  Important to the group, yes, but it can easily get out of hand, and finding a balance of resources put towards individual needs vs. the needs of the group will play a big role.


With 6.1 we’ve added the basic system to try out, still in the works are a whole slew of housing objects to add, which will arrive in 6.2.   Let us know your feedback.

Also in this build:

Improved Controls

  • Holding shift allows you to sprint, at the cost of additional calories. If you have zero calories, you can’t sprint.
  • Holding control allows you to move slowly. Doing so also prevents you from falling off of ledges.
  • Diving below the surface of water now requires calories. Swim underwater by holding control. If you have no calories, you can only swim on the surface.


Over 375 issues fixed since 6.0.3. (!)