Eco Alpha 6.2 Released: World Markers, Lag-Free Interactions, Modkit Enhancements, Avatar Customization

We’re moving to a two week release schedule, into beta and beyond.

We’ll be announcing a beta date soon, sometime in Q1 2018, coming up quick!  We’ll be launching to Steam then too.


Check out what’s new in this release:

World Markers


You can now place markers in the world to keep track of important locations. Markers display with an arrow on the HUD, making navigation between points that much easier.

  • Drop one by clicking the button on the mini-map panel, or typing ‘/mark’
  • Clicking on coordinates in descriptions and tool-tips will drop a marker at that point.
  • Contracts will mark the places you need to do work with world markers.

Lag-Free Interactions

  • Moved most of the interaction code from server to client. As a result of this, Players should notice snappier interactions.

Player Housing Objects

  • Started adding in objects that grant players benefits via the new Player Housing system, like beds and rugs.

Improved ModKit Chat Commands

New chat command system to improve usability and modability.

  • Commands like ‘/help’ and ‘/?’ now list all usable commands, along with their descriptions and syntax.
  • You can read more about their use in the documentation here.

Avatar Creation

Made improvements to the avatar creation menu.

  • You can now recolor your backpack.
  • Add option to toggle between walking and idle animations.
  • Add ability to cancel changes.

Developer Live-Streaming

With the lead-in to beta + Steam launch we’re going to start live streaming development Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Subscribe to us on YouTube to catch those live and ask us questions.  Get to know the team and give us feedback on what’s next! Here’s the first one from Craig where he demoed the 6.2 release: