Eco at PAX West 2017

Announcing contest winners and Alpha 6 release date.

Our demo of Eco at PAX is complete, the weekend was a success and a ton of fun, great to see everyone who stopped by the booth to check out the latest build and say hi.

Next up: we’re going to be shipping Alpha 6 on September 27th. Lots of new features and bug fixes coming through with this release, it will be a big one. You can download Eco on our site, which will include our Steam release this year and all future updates at: http://strangeloopgames.com/eco

Twitch at PAX

We got invited to demo Eco live at the Twitch booth, and myself (JohnK, left) and Eric (right) chatted about the game.
Each day at PAX we demoed a new world submitted by the community for our PAX contest, and the results were amazing.  The three finalist worlds created by users were Greenleaf, Mediocre at Best, and Steplife, and the amount of work and player collaboration put into these worlds was mind blowing
Check out this massive city structure, built without any admin cheats by a collection of cooperating players:

Alpha 6

With PAX behind us Alpha 6 is our main objective now. Among many other features, we’ll be adding a physics-based mining system:
We’ll also be introducing programmable laws, which allows players to do complex things with laws like setting tax policies.  Here’s a preview of that interface:
Also on the slate for Alpha 6 is the underwater ecosystem, revamped contracts, performance updates, fishing, and a bunch more.