Eco Beta on Steam this Tuesday, Pre-Release now on our site!

It’s been a long journey since we first put Eco up on Kickstarter, and on Tuesday it will be released on Steam Early Access!

We’re super proud to get this version out there, and looking forward to lots more updates.  

While the Steam build doesn’t come out till the 6th, you CAN pick it up early on our website for $40, and today and tomorrow are the last chances to get an Alpha account, which comes with Alpha rewards for you and all invites you get (meteor shard, top hat & goggles, custom chat icon).  You’ll be able to link to your Steam account on Tuesday if you buy on our site.  When we release Steam we’ll turn off alpha-rewards and the price will drop to $30.

Available now on our site at strangeloopgames.com/eco

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We’ll post a full announcement on Tuesday, for now here’s the change log: