Eco on Steam: Feb 6th. Alpha Rewards! 6.3 Released!

After 3 years in development, Eco is coming to Steam.

We’re putting our Beta release on Steam Early access, and all existing purchasers will get a key!

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On Feb 6th, we plan to drop the price from $40 to $30, with regional pricing.

As a thanks to everyone who has supported us up to this point with the higher price, we’re gifting a set of Alpha Rewards.  Anyone who buys the game before Feb 6th (and all existing customers) will find these aesthetic items in their inventories when they enter any server:

Meteor Shard

You keep this fragment of the meteor that orbits overhead with you for good (or possibly bad) luck, dangling it on a chain off your backpack. You can also carry it around, and it glows slightly at night.


For pioneers looking to contribute to the economies of Eco by building machinery, there is no better option than this stylish outfit.  (It’s also an homage to our first game Vessel).


Your name in chat will be adorned with a logo signifying your early support and contribution to Eco.

These rewards will be in the 6.4 release, and you’ll automatically start the game with them. All purchasers (including players invited through the multi-packs) will receive them till Feb 6th, after that they will no longer be available.   You can pick up Alpha at our website at:


New Release

And in case that wasn’t enough news, we also released Alpha 6.3 Today!

  • New Avatars! More enhancements coming in 6.4.


  • New Hammer feature! You can shape raw materials such as logs or stone into various blocks with the use of the hammer, no need to craft into specific materials anymore.

  • Lag-free building & digging.  These operations are now performed instantly on the client and updated to the server.
  • Custom Key Controls added
  • Added a ‘Report a Bug’ window
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements

Public Roadmap on Trello

Here you can see the features we’re currently working on or planning to work on in the future. Vote for the ones you like, and add comments with feedback.