Eco Alpha 5 Released.

New climate change model and lots more.

We’ve left Alpha 5 in the oven a bit longer to get it more polished, and today it’s ready to be released!  Check it out at strangeloopgames.com/eco, where you can pick up the alpha version and give it a try.

New in Alpha 5:

New climate and ecosystem model, tracking ground and air pollution, global temperature from CO2 released, sea levels rising, deforestation impacts, biomes that change, dynamic irrigation, and much more.


Avatar creation and customization, with clothing as a new item type.

Added turkeys, bison, and foxes to the ecosystems.

New web browser map visualization; Can view most aspects of the world, such as populations of various species and pollution levels as they change over time. View animations of global temperature rising, or any statistic changing.  Use it to propose arguments in the law system.

Power system, both burning fuel for campfires or generating electricity from a generator and power grid.

Significant tech-tree work: new skills and crafting items

Tons of polish, bug fixes, and other small features.